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Meet the Library Staff

Library Director: Donita Ward | Email Donita
Donita has been with the Wells Branch Community Library since 2002, serving first as the Children's Librarian and as Director since 2004.   She  moved to Wells Branch in 2000 where she received her MLS from Texas Woman's University.  Donita is kept busy with her 3 children and the menagerie of strays they've rescued.  She enjoys quiet evenings at home with her husband, live theater, and trying new restaurants- preferably those with extensive dessert menus.  

Administrative Assistant/ Bookkeeper: Karen Mustard | Email Karen
Karen Mustard was born in Alamogordo, New Mexico and eventually moved to El Paso, Texas. As soon as she could (at 18) she moved to Austin where she settled down. Currently, her extended family includes 1 husband, 2 children, 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 horses, a donkey and a goat. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin in 1988. On her off time, she enjoys all sorts of creative things, jewelry making, various art projects, sprinkler systems and writing computer applications for personal use. She even plays drums every now and then (never turns down a good jam session). When she's not busy with projects she can be found on the couch with a good spy novel.

Children's Librarian: Kristin Johnson | Email Kristin
Kristin has been with the Wells Branch Community Library since 2008.  She has a Master of Library and Information Science Degree and Youth Librarianship Certification from the University of North Texas. Kristin enjoys reading children's literature, cookbooks, comics, and graphic novels.

Adult Program & Service Librarian: Brittany Patrick | Email Brittany
Brittany was raised in Round Rock.  Growing up, she always had her nose in a book, so no one was surprised when she announced her intention to become a librarian.  She earned her Master of Science degree in Information Studies from The University of Texas at Austin in 2015.  She loves to read fantasy and sci-fi novels, as well as science and history books.  When not working, she is usually gardening, reading, or watching classic movies.

Operations and Learn And Build (LAB) Librarian:  Katrina O'Keefe | Email Katrina
Katrina graduated from Texas State University with a B.A. in History in 2012 and in 2014 got her Master of Information Science degree from the University of North Texas. She loves to read sci-fi, mysteries, crafting books, and biographies of historical women.

Library Associate, Youth Services: Linda Lam | Email Linda
Linda was born and raised in Austin, TX, and recently graduated from Southwestern University with a B.A. in Education. One of the most important things to know about Linda is that she loves penguins and will enjoy almost anything related to penguins! She enjoys listening to music (specifically, but not limited to, K-pop), reading children's books and manga, watching Asian dramas, random dancing, arts and crafts, knitting, a nice nap on a good day, and spending time with friends, family, and pets.

Library Associate, Outreach and Marketing:  Lauren Walter | Email Lauren
Lauren has been with the Wells Branch Community Library since 2018.

Library Associate, Adult Services:  Michelle Zarse | Email Michelle
Michelle was born and raised here in Austin and has lived in Wells Branch her entire life (with the exception of the year she spent studying abroad in Korea). She has attended both the University of North Texas and Korea University in the pursuit of a Bachelors in Library Science and has future plans to acquire a Masters as well. She is exceptionally fond of books, cats, video games, and cute things. She assists Linda in supervising the Teen Library Council (T.L.C.) to bring awesome books and fun activities to teens.  (Join T.L.C.!)

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