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Teen Library Council

Teen Library Council - Ages 10-18: Tweens and Teens are invited to join our Teen Library Council (TLC)! The council meets at the library on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of each month at 2pm. Members assist the library by planning and assisting with fun events for teens, making new library displays, recommending new books for our teen collection, and helping out with library projects throughout the year! TLC is a great way to earn volunteer hours for school while gaining leadership experience and making new friends! Find out more by attending a meeting or send an email to

Click here to download the Teen Library Council Application

Special Events for Teens

Practice ACT Exam
Saturday, October 29th 10am-2pm
In conjunction with local libraries, Woodlands Test Prep offers opportunities to take proctored SAT, and ACT official practice tests, for free! Each test will use materials from the official organization who creates the test: either the College Board or ACT, Inc. Allow three and a half hours for each test. Each student will need to bring pencils, a calculator, and a snack. We will supply the testing materials. We will score the tests and return the results to you with suggestions on how to improve each student’s scores. A great idea is to take both tests to see which one is better suited to you! 

Dungeons & Dragons Character Building
Saturday, November 12th at 2pm-3:30pm
Register at
Have you ever wanted to start playing Dungeons & Dragons, but got very confused when you opened up the Player's Handbook? Worry not! Join us as we learn how to build a character from scratch. We'll teach you all about the different races, classes and ability checks in an easy-to-understand format. Perfect for beginning players. Ages 14 and up.