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2023 Trustee Election

Every year, either two (2) or three(3) trustees positions are on the General Election Ballot.  In 2023, there are two (2) positions coming up for election.  

Election Day this year will be Tuesday, November 7th.  Eligible candidates must file a notarized application at the library between 10am on Thursday July 22nd and 5pm (not closing) on Monday August 21st to be listed on the ballot.  

To be eligible, you must be registered to vote within the Library District boundaries.  Most of 78728 that falls within Travis County is in the district, but not all.  You can contact the library if you aren't sure. 

Notice of Deadline to File

Order Calling Election


Notice of Drawing for Ballot Order

Ballot Language

Notice of Election

Candidates on the Ballot in 2023:

Canvass Meeting Agenda

Election Results